Pathfinder K-8

Supply Lists

6th Grade

Sixth Grade Supplies

All Grades/Classes:

  • 2 reams 8.5×11 20lb bond white copy paper

6th Grade Supplies

  • 2 dozen pencils, #2 
  • 1 Three-Subject Spiral Notebook-for Math
  • 1 spiral-bound notebook-for Science
  • 4 composition notebooks-WIDE-RULED (Black & White preferred)
  • 2 packages- Ballpoint Pens (black or blue ink only)
  • 4-function Calculator-for own use/just a simple calculator- not a phone.
  • 1 Large Erasers
  • Highlighters-at least four different colors-for own use and kept in binder
  • 1 Large Pencil Zipper case (optional- they’ll be getting a laptop case in the fall and it may have a zippered pocket that could work as a pencil case.)
  • Binder is optional- they’ll be carrying their laptop and notebooks already.