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Expeditionary Learning

Expeditionary Learning is the core of learning at Pathfinder K-8! Read more on our Expeditionary Learning page.



The Visual Arts program at Pathfinder provides students opportunities for learning the formal elements and principals of art, with an emphasis on creativity and personal expression. The curriculum focuses on basic studio techniques – drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics… lots of hands on fun! Along with studio experiences, we integrate art appreciation, art history, and cultural diversity throughout our program.

Exploration is geared to individual student interests and abilities, proficiency in skills, and developing confidence as an artist. Our goal is to create an atmosphere where all students can feel comfortable experimenting with, exploring, learning, writing and talking about art. Through art instruction, we encourage authentic interdisciplinary connections by combining concepts of both visual arts goals and those of other subject areas. Students develop visual thinking strategies as they respond to art and make connections across disciplines, cultures, place and time. Also, students improve critical thinking and, problem solving skills, and learn to express and communicate ideas, which helps “improve student achievement” in all subject areas.


The music program at Pathfinder teaches students music through a sound-before-sight approach. This means students learn to listen, sing, read, write, and analyze music in the same sequence that they have learned to listen, speak, read, write, and analyze English. Younger students spend more time integrating movement, grades 2-5 are introduced to recorders and music notation, and middle school students have the option of playing in an instrumental ensemble. Pathfinder K-8 offers multiple instrumental music classes during the school day.