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Choosing a school for your child is difficult. We know families have questions so we have compiled answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Pathfinder K-8.

Pathfinder K-8 is a public school. We are one of 113 schools in the Seattle Public School District.  There is no charge to attend Pathfinder K-8. We are, however, different from most of the other public schools in West Seattle in many ways.

We are an “option” school, which means that students must choose to attend Pathfinder K-8. To enroll at Pathfinder K-8, you must indicate Pathfinder K-8 is your choice on your enrollment form during open enrollment. Additional enrollment information is available on the district website.

Pathfinder K-8 is different in many ways. We have looped classrooms, so students have the same teacher 2 years in a row. We are committed to expeditionary learning and environmental education. One of the first things you will notice that when visiting is that most of our teachers go by their first names.

At the most basic level, Pathfinder K-8 is an alternative school because parents have to choose to attend Pathfinder K-8; we are considered an “option school” under the new Student Assignment Plan. We do not have a reference area and, according to District policy, no students are assigned to Pathfinder K-8.

Of course, there is a lot more to being an alternative school. It means that we teach to the whole child using techniques that are progressive and innovative. We balance district adopted curricula with our own teacher-developed curricula that integrates academic disciplines and aligns with standards.

Expeditionary Learning emphasizes learning by doing, with a particular focus on character growth, teamwork, reflection and literacy. Teachers connect high quality academic learning to adventure, service and character development through a variety of student experiences including interdisciplinary, project based learning expeditions.

Expeditions typically involve field work, are project-based, and provide unique learning experiences.  Previous expeditions have included: 

  • Grades K-1: Trees & Wood, Bread, Habitats
  • Grades 2-3: Puppets Around the World, “Where in the World is…” (maps & cartography)
  • Grades 4-5: Canoes on Puget Sound, Struggle & Resistance (American History through the lens of the struggle and resistance of American populations)
  • Grade 6: Space
  • Grade 7: Response to Climate

Please visit our Expeditionary Learning page for more information.

Every student at Pathfinder K-8 participates in outdoor education, from field trips to camping experiences. The outdoor education trips provide students with opportunities to explore the natural world around them, and to experience and observe ecosystems, geology, natural history, and local geography for themselves, actively learning about these things in ways not possible in the classroom. As they learn about nature they learn how to be stewards and enjoy the outdoors responsibly.

Learn more about Outdoor Education at Pathfinder

Pathfinder K-8 has an active and vibrant PTSA.

Check out the Pathfinder PTSA website

Parents are involved in many ways at Pathfinder, spending time in the classroom, contributing to school-wide decisions about staffing and budgets, and volunteering for community building and fundraising activities. We have a strong PTSA that financially supports the instrumental music program, runs the science fair (one of only 3 science fairs for elementary-aged students in the entire Seattle School District!), supports tutoring and staff professional development, and so much more.

Most of our parents are members of the PTSA. Because Pathfinder is a school that families choose to attend, the commitment level and involvement is especially high. Pathfinder teachers value their partnership with parents and collaborate with them closely to benefit our students.

Pathfinder K-8 is enriched by the community we are apart of and we see it as our duty and pleasure to enrich our community in return. We do this in many ways:

  • Sponsor and organize free activities for kids “Hometown Holidays” in the Junction
  • Provide meeting space for the Pigeon Point Neighborhood Council

In addition, many of our classes and students do service learning at various non-profits including the West Seattle Food Bank.