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    Interested in Pathfinder K-8 For Your Child? Come visit and learn more about our unique program and West Seattle's only option school. Pathfinder K-8 is located at 1901 SW Genesee St on Pigeon Point in West Seattle.

    The Seattle Public Schools' open enrollment period is TBD. This is the window of time to request a school other than the one you have been assigned under the new Student Assignment Plan. Visit the Open Enrollment section of the District website for additional information.  For specific information about Full Day Kindergarten visit the district website.

    Pathfinder K-8 Open House and Tour Schedule
    How to Enroll at Pathfinder K-8
    Why Choose Pathfinder K-8
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Parent Handbook

    How to Enroll at Pathfinder K-8

    This year Open Enrollment runs from TBD. Pathfinder is an "option"school. To enroll at Pathfinder, you will indicate that Pathfinder is your choice on the enrollment form.

    Families will receive letters from the district indicating that they have been assigned to a particular neighborhood school, and implying that this school is their only choice. This is NOT the case for residents of West Seattle. All children in West Seattle may attend Pathfinder on a space available basis. Assignment depends on space availability and the assignment rules in effect at the time of application. Applications received during Open Enrollment will be processed after Open Enrollment ends and assignments are subject to tiebreakers.

    Why Choose Pathfinder K-8?

    Education choices are important. To help inform your decision we have provided information about the features that many of our families identify as shaping their decision to choose Pathfinder K-8.

    Reasons to choose Pathfinder K-8

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions about Pathfinder K-8. If you don't find the information you need, please contact David Dockendorf (

    Frequently Asked Questions

    No need to register for a tour or open house, just choose the date that works for you and join us.