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Enrollment at Pathfinder

Mission and Vision

The Pathfinder K-8 community envisions a school in which students are empowered to be inquisitive and versatile thinkers who value diversity, pursue their passions, reach their potential, and become advocates for our world.

Why Choose Pathfinder?

Pathfinder is a community school that was formed by parents in the 1990’s to give West Seattle residents an option to their neighborhood schools.  Parents are partners in shaping our school inside and outside the classroom.

Pathfinder provides a rigorous academic experience within the public school system.

Our community works to empower and affirm all identities.  We believe diversity is strength and racial equity and social justice are essential.

Project Based Learning and Outdoor Education

Pathfinder uses Project Based Learning to teach the 21st Century skills of inquiry, research and collaborative problem solving.  It is both engaging and prepares students for life after school.  All students explore important topics such as food systems, cultures around the world, geography, Civil Rights and Black Lives Matter, and Space and Innovation through Literacy, Math, Art, Music and Technology.  These topics are explored through “ Expeditions ” inside and outside of the classroom.

In order to promote our connection with nature, camping and working in the school garden are integrated into each grade level’s experience.

Whole Child Emphasis in a K-8 Education

Whole child emphasis

Focus on the whole child—the academic, physical and social-emotional needs of our students informs what we teach and how we teach.

Students loop with the same teacher and classmates for two year cycles in K-5th.  In middle school, there are two homerooms in each of the 6th-8th grade bands.  We operate on a 6 period schedule.

This structure allows for strong teacher-student relationships and gives Pathfinder a unique sense of community and family.