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Blazing Trails Newsletter

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Blazing Trails Newsletter

A Few Reminders

Communicating Absences and Schedule Changes
Blazing Trails strives to be a place where parents and families feel free to talk to our staff. Although we enjoy communicating with parents on a regular basis, talking specifically to a teacher about absences or schedule changes doesn’t guarantee that the information will reach our office staff. To ensure this information gets to the correct place, please send an email to or call us at 206-937-5160. This will also save you a $5 kid search fee.

We also ask that you communicate all absences before 2:30 p.m. We check emails and phone messages throughout the day, but this is the time our staff comes in to start their afternoon. We also have children arriving from other schools at this time, requiring additional staff to be on with kids. Any email or written notice may not be seen since we are prepping for the bulk of our kids.

If you end up picking your child up right after school, please make sure that a staff member knows. Written absences after 3:25 won’t be read because we are on with kids and in full swing.

Mid Winter Break

Need care for Mid Winter Break? Blazing Trails will be open for all day care on Tuesday February 22nd thru Friday February 25th. We will be closed Monday February 21st for
Presidents’ Day.

There is still space available, so if you need care for any of those days, please email our office by February 14th. If you don’t sign up and end up needing care, you will be charged drop in rates.
Please remember that your child/ren will need to bring a lunch (nothing that needs to be refrigerated or microwaved) and a water bottle.

Blazing Trails Board

Blazing Trails Childcare is a non-profit organization with a governing Board comprised of BT staff, parents and community members. This council is responsible for setting and maintaining our policies as well as weighing in on important decisions, such as policy revisions and fundraising ideas. We are actively seeking parents/community members to serve on our board. Our council meets once a month (or quarterly) as needed to discuss changes or issues that could affect our program. If you are interested in attending a meeting or being a member, feel free to get more information from our Director (Rita), Office Manager (Mckinsey) or Head Teacher (Molly).

Summer and Fall Sign Up is on the Way!

The staff at Blazing Trails is beginning to plan our summer program. We will be open for 9 weeks (June 20th – August 19th).

Summer and Fall registration will begin Friday April 1st. Registration is on a first come, first served basis. Current enrollment DOES NOT guarantee you a place in either program.

Dates to Remember

Monday February 21st- Closed, President’s Day
Seattle Public Schools and Blazing Trails will be closed.

Tuesday February 22nd- Friday February 25th-Mid Winter Break
Seattle Public Schools will close for Mid Winter Break. Blazing Trails will be open all day from 6:30-6. These days are not automatically billed. If you need care this week, please call or email our office about availability. We staff according to our numbers, so if you don’t sign up and end up needing care, we may not be able to accommodate drop ins.

Friday April 1st- Summer and Fall Registration Begins
Registration for our 2022 summer and 2022-23 school year programs will begin on April 1st. We operate on a first come, first served basis. Current enrollment does not guarantee you a spot in either program.

Mckinsey Garton
Office Manager/Lynx Coordinator
Blazing Trails Childcare

Contact Information

Blazing Trails
1901 SW Genesee St
Seattle, WA 98106

The Blazing Trails Council

Dates to Remember:

  • 1st, 8th and 15th- 75 minute early release
  • 17th- 1 hr early release
  • 20th-24th- BT CLOSED
  • 2nd, 9th and 16th- 75 minute early release
  • 21st- BT Closed- Presidents’ Day
  • 22nd-25th- Mid Winter Break, BT all day care
  • 4/1- Summer and Fall Registration Begins

February Birthdays:

  • 2nd- Eva M.
  • 5th- Lillian M.
  • 12th- Jesse R.
  • 13th- Harriett E.
  • 24th- Paige K.
  • 25th- Wesley K.