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BT’s Halloween Bash

Blazing Trails holds one party each year: a Halloween Party! On this day, children will be allowed to bring their costumes to Blazing Trails in the morning and change into them in the afternoon for our party. We will have various games and activities, ranging from bingo to balloon chases. This year our party will be held on Friday October 29th. This tends to be our biggest event, so if your child doesn’t normally attend
Blazing Trails on Friday’s and would like to attend, please ask our office staff about availability.

Things to Remember

-Billing (policy 500)
Invoices are created and sent on the 1st business day of every month. Payment is due 10 days after the billing date. If you get your invoice emailed and you don’t see it in your inbox by the 5th, it may have been
sent to your spam folder. We would suggest double checking your email settings to make sure that your bill goes to the right place.
If you still don’t see it, call us or come in and we can tell you your balance or print off your invoice. Any accounts unpaid 15 days from the invoice date will be charged a $10 late fee.
** We require a 30 day written notice for any permanent schedule changes to be reflected on your invoice**

Kid Searches

If alternate plans have been made for your child’s afternoon (i.e. play dates, doctor’s appointments, etc), Blazing Trails must be notified not to expect your child. If we need to go searching for your child, a $5 Kid Search fee will be charged to your account. You can call or email with this notification, or come in and write it down in our Parent Communication Log, located on our Family Information table next to the sign out/in sheet anytime before 3:00pm.

Kid searches require at least one staff member to be removed from our
mix to locate missing children. This could include phone calls, talking to school staff and district transportation. We take kid searches very seriously. Please help ensure your child’s safety by making sure we know if they are not going to be in our care on any given afternoon.

-Lost and Found
Blazing Trails has a lost and found located outside in our courtyard. You can also check Pathfinder’s lost and found, which is currently on the school playground. Please check to see if any of your child’s things are hiding there.

-After School Activities
If your child is signed up for an after school activity and is supposed to come to us in the afternoon, please follow the following protocol (this also applies to after school sports and academic support classes):
– If your child is signed up for an after school activity, BT needs an email confirmation.
– Children check in at Blazing Trails before going to their activity. They won’t be signed in until they return from the activity. Please have a conversation with your children to let them know they are responsible for checking in with our greeter.
– When they are done with their after school activity, they must come back into the Blazing Trails classroom to be signed in before going to another BT space.
– If a child does not check in with us before their activity, a staff member will go looking for your child. You may be charged a $5 kid search fee.
– If your child checks in before, but not after their activity, a staff member will go looking for your child. You may be charged a $5 kid search fee.

-Late Pick Ups
We understand that there can be some unforeseen circumstances when coming to pick up your child, such as traffic or emergency work situations. Please remember that we close at 6:00.

Should you arrive late, you will be charged $5 for every 5 minutes, beginning at 6:05. We may also charge you a late fee if you sign out before 6:00, but remain in our facility past our closing time. Please remember that our staff would also like to go home. Let us know what we can do to help get your child/ren ready to leave by the time you get here.

Chronic tardiness is grounds for termination from Blazing Trails (policy 622 in your Family Handbook), so please do your best to get here on time or arrange for alternate pickups if you know you can’t be here by closing.

Dates to Remember

Friday, October 8th – All Day BT

Seattle Public Schools will be closed for Professional Development. Blazing Trails will be open all day from 6:30-6:00. If your child is scheduled to be with us on Fridays, mornings or afternoons, they automatically have a spot this day. You will need to provide your child with a lunch. If you don’t need care for this day, please let our office know.

If your child is not normally scheduled on Fridays and you would like them to drop in, please contact our office about availability.

Friday October 29th – B.T. Halloween Party
If your child is bringing a costume, please make sure that they drop it off at Blazing Trails before going to class. Their costume should have their name on it to ensure that the right kid gets the right costume. Costume weapons are not permitted

If your child is not normally scheduled on Fridays and you would like them to drop in, please contact our office about availability.

I know that this is a lot of information to take in! Again, if you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to email them to me (, call us or come in and talk to us directly.

Mckinsey Garton
Office Manager/Lynx Coordinator
Blazing Trails Childcare

Contact Information

Blazing Trails
1901 SW Genesee St
Seattle, WA 98106

The Blazing Trails Council
-Rita Garton
-Mckinsey Garton
-Ellaina Lewis
-Lisa Farmer
-Lisa Li

Dates to Remember:
October 6th, 13th, 20th and
27th- 75 minute early release
October 8th- All Day BT
October 29th- BT Halloween

October Birthdays:

2nd- Owen B.
8th- Riley K.
8th- Phoebe W.
8th- Nora G.
20th- Olivia K.
25th- Aria A.
31st- Jewel A.