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    At Seattle Public Schools, we welcome enrollment of non-resident students. Non-resident students are those who don’t live within the Seattle city boundaries. There are some limits, based on school board policy, on whether we can accept a student from another school district. Non-residents may attend our schools as long as:

    • The anticipated needs of resident students are met first,
    • Acceptance of the non-resident student does not create a financial hardship for SPS, and
    • The non-resident student's attendance and disciplinary records meet appropriate standards, which are set by the school board.

    Non-resident assignments are for one academic year only. All non-resident students are dropped at the end of each academic year. You must make a new application each academic year to request continued enrollment in Seattle Public Schools. To do so, obtain a Choice Transfer Request from the school district where you live and fill out an SPS School Choice form.

    Non-resident students do not have an attendance area school. You can be assigned only to schools and programs when space is available for students who live outside of the school’s attendance area. That space must be available for your grade level and program needs. For secondary schools, only the seats set aside for open choice are available for non-resident enrollment. Any schools/grades/programs with a wait list of resident students do not have space available and cannot accept any non-resident students.

    • School assignments based on an address within the school district are not automatically continued if the student becomes a non-resident.
    • Pre-kindergarten programs are not open to non-resident students.
    • Non-resident students may not be placed on waiting lists.

    Application Process and Timeline

    State law requires that non-resident students supply a Choice Transfer Request from the district of residence each year to apply for non-resident enrollment. The transfer request for non-residents who wish to attend SPS must be submitted by the deadlines specified each year. Applications are considered on a first come/first served basis.

    • Applications will be accepted beginning June 1, 2018, for the 2018-19 school year.
    • Applications submitted prior to June 1, 2018, will be held for your convenience and considered to have been received on June 1, 2018.
    • The deadline is Aug. 31, 2018, to apply for the 2018-19 school year.
    • Applications may take up to FOUR (4) weeks to process. It is our goal (but not guaranteed) that applications received by the Aug. 31, 2018 deadline will receive a response before the first day of school.
    • A School Choice form must be submitted with the Choice Transfer Request.
    • For students currently not attending Seattle Public Schools, the application must also include records from the current school about the student's attendance, behavior and any program needs such as special education (current IEP), gifted or bilingual eligibility for the previous school year.

    Step 1: Download our 2018-19 Non-resident Application Checklist and 2018-19 Non-resident Acceptance Standards

    Step 2: Contact your local school district and request a Choice Transfer Request, a copy of your student's attendance and discipline history, and a copy of the student's IEP, if applicable.

    Step 3: If new to Seattle Public Schools, complete the district's new online Admission form.

    To begin registration, parents/guardians must create an InfoSnap account using their email address - A personalized confirmation code will activate your student's registration. Click here to access the registration link:

    Step 4: Complete the appropriate School Choice application for your student's grade level.

    Step 5: Submit all information listed above to the Seattle Public Schools Service Center: 

    Email: and
    Fax:   (206) 743-3002
    Mail:   Seattle Public Schools Admissions
                  MS 11-161
                  PO Box 34165
                  Seattle, WA 98124-1165

    Important Information

    District policy governs whether or not a non-resident student may attend Seattle Public Schools. Factors taken into consideration include space availability; program capacity and/or cost; history of suspensions or expulsions; and concerns with attendance or behavior.

    If the non-resident application is denied, the parent/guardian may appeal to the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction in Olympia at (360) 725-6133.