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    Donate to End World Hunger
    Posted on 04/16/2018

    For over 3 years Pathfinder K-8 has partnered with the non-profit, WE charity, to help students learn about local and global issues and how they can help make changes. This year 8
    th grade leadership students are supporting WE Villages Food to raise money to help communities in need grow and sell their own food so the community may become self-sustainable. Students have learned how hunger can prevent children their own age from getting an education, increase their health risks, and keep them in a cycle of poverty. 8th grade leadership students have set a goal to raise $500.00 to help support WE Villages Food and they need your help. You can support their cause by making a donation from April 2nd-30th at 

    All collections will be held in trust by Seattle Public Schools until distributed to WECHARITY.ORG, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.