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    The library is located right above the hub of our school. You're welcome to come in if the lights are on! Students and their families are invited to enjoy reading, to use the computers, or to access any of our resources. Visit before or after school, or see the student open library schedule.

    All K-5 classrooms visit the library to check out books. We use the online homeroom class pictures to log onto individual student library records, and kids scan their own books.  Books circulate for one week (K-2nd grade) or two weeks (3-8th grade) and may be renewed.  There is no charge for overdue books, but it is school policy that the library is reimbursed for lost or damaged books. See me for more details.

    Middle school students by class, small groups, or individually. Each quarter, five to seven middle school students take an elective "library teaching assistant" course. They learn how the library is organized and work with me to keep it up to date, in addition to helping kids find what they need.

    Middle school tech savvy kids can also elect to serve on Tech Team (TT). TT helps maintain our tech resources (66 ipads, 10 iMacs, 30 MacBook Pros) and these leaders are available to help teachers with projects that include technology. 4/5th grade students can apply to be TT in Training.

    Visit our library website by clicking on the Librarian's Blog link to the right, or by going directly to You can access the library catalog and our online resources from any computer.

    Kathy Egawa

    Volunteer Opportunities

    Volunteers are a key ingredient to a vibrant library. I hope you'll stop by to say hello, and stay to help if you’re free. The beginning or end of the school day work for many parents who drive their kids to school.

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    Phone: 206-252-9747
    Main Office: 206-252-9710


    8:15 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

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